Friday, August 19, 2011

Picture Perfect Friday

Another late post this week, however, this time I have a good excuse. I arrived home today from Centennial Hospital. My father underwent prostate surgery Thursday afternoon. We learned of his cancer a couple of months ago. After education and visiting numerous doctors, we came to the conclusion that surgery was his best option.

Tuesday evening the entire family went to my parents home for family time before the surgery. The weather outside was beautiful, with fall weather in the air. As I took pictures of everyone hanging out while we grilled, I asked my dad if  I could make his surgery my Picture Perfect Friday.

Here it is...

Those of you who know my father can attest to his incredibility. Words really can't explain what a wonderful, smart, strong, hard working, caring, fair, serious, funny, charming, and loving man he is. I will refrain from being too mushy and explaining how much of a Daddy's girl I am, but I have to say I have never known another man like him. I am blessed beyond measure to have been raised by such wonderful parents and I cherish the strong relationship my father and I share. Although it has been an emotional and hard time, I am very thankful he let me document this journey. I can happily report that he made it through surgery well. He is now home and beginning the healing process. We will know for sure if the cancer was contained at his follow up visit next week, but the surgeon said he "visually" felt good about it. We are continuing to pray he is correct. Thank you to those who have reached out in prayer and support. Papa Slick is hanging in there and will be running a chainsaw, climbing a roof, or fixing something before long! :)

I tried to make the presurgery requirements humorous. My Dad called me when he pulled the bottle out of the fridge the next morning. "Poop your brains out??", he said. At least he laughed. :) 

Sunrise at Centennial morning of surgery. 

A long wait in Pre-Op.

Thumbs up as they took him to surgery.

A wave of the hand indicating a so-so Post Op.

It was a rough night for him, but he was moving around a bit better today. I meant to snap a picture once we got him settled in at home this evening, but my tired mind forgot. I am headed straight to the shower and then back over to see him. I will add a recovery picture later in the week. Until Next Friday. - J

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Florida's

Meet The Florida's! They have blessed my blog with their presence before, and it's always a good time working with them. I say that mostly because they are my family and I have to. Just kidding guys!!! :)

On a serious note, this family is incredible. Their love for each other is amazing, and I feel so lucky to be a part of that love. Last week, I read a phrase that caught my attention. It said cousins are the first friends most people ever have as children. This was so very true for us. We grew up in Lascassas, a small community where everyone looked out for one another. Our families all lived very close and we were always together. It was a childhood to cherish for sure. I hope my children will have cousins to grow up with the way we did.

My uncle called me and asked if I would photograph the family when Jesse, Katie, and the girls came to visit. I immediately got excited, because they are the ONLY ones who live away and I hadn't seen Charis since she was one month old. (Just thought I would throw that out there as encouragement for you guys to move back sometime soon. hehe )

Anyway, the entire family had lunch together on Sunday, and we met up at Canonsburg for a little photo session afterwords. We had SO much fun! For those of you who know my Uncle Edwin, we can have a private viewing of his attempt at modeling, but for now enjoy this beautiful family!

Cadence and Charis call these two Daddio and Granya. How adorable is that!?!

Caleb James 3 Months ~Murfreesboro Baby Photography~

Caleb and his parents braved the bugs, humidity, and heat Saturday for his 3 month session. They were troopers about it though and how could you not be when you are blessed with such an adorable family like theirs!?! Take a glimpse at Caleb's Sneak Peek!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Picture Perfect Friday

Wahooo!!!! I almost didn't make it this week. Earlier, I reluctantly accepted the fact that I didn't have anything to post for Picture Perfect Friday. I know, I know. The third week and I was already slipping. Bummed I was, but today/this week has been rather crazy. After my senior session ended this afternoon I swung by MOAB before heading home. This is what I found the boys doing. They keep things real. Lukedawg, you are crazy and thanks for giving me something to post! Enjoi(x)!

Parker ~Murfreesboro Senior Photography~

Parker is a Senior this year at Oakland High School. After yesterdays session I can easily see the similarities between him and his older brother Patrick, who is a good friend of mine. His clever humor and fun personality made the session so much fun. Here is the sneak peek! Enjoy!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Picture Perfect Friday

Hello all! Happy Friday! I don't know if you guys feel the same, but my week flew by! It was a productive week for me though. I am in the process of revamping Joy Dement Photography. New things will be offered and I am changing around some things as well, so stay tuned for more details on that. As for Picture Perfect Friday, I have already benefited from starting this little project. Wednesday evening my husband and I had to go grocery shopping. We started at The Boulevard for a quick dinner before we headed to the store. It was our first time going there and I must say the food was pretty good and the service even better. While we were enjoying dinner a massive electrical storm started brewing. We arrived at the grocery store just in time for the rain to begin. We did our shopping, loaded up the car, and headed home. HOLY COW! We couldn't get over the amount of lightning that filled the sky. We both said to one another that we had never witnessed anything quite like it before. It was truly amazing and I kept saying, " Aw, I wish I had my camera". Jeremy asked me if I had ever photographed lightning and when I answered no I immediately knew who was going to be unloading the groceries by themselves. :) I love you for doing that hun! :) I got out a tad too late. The sky was still very active, but I only witnessed two strikes upon arriving at the square. I caught one of them!

As I stood on the street waiting for another strike I thought of how much I enjoyed living in Murfressboro. We have really had a good summer and enjoyed more of the city than we typically do.  With great things like Saturday Market, Friday Night Live, and The Greenery on the Square (whose grand opening I am getting ready to attend) I can't help but feel that The 'Boro is headed in a great direction. It was around that realization that I saw a car coming around the square and noticed I had my 'Love Your City' shirt on. How fitting, right? Pure coincidence..I promise. I quickly shot a self portrait using the lights on the car to add affect and headed home to a stocked fridge and a loving husband. What a great Wednesday! Enjoy the weekend and be sure to take advantage of all the great things our city has to offer! Until next week. - J