Saturday, August 22, 2009


I have completely fallen in love with this little guy! I photographed him last month when he was two months old (pictures above) and went back today to capture him at 3 months. I was amazed at how much he had grown in just a month of time! He was a trooper yet again. Doing all the shots outside, his fantastic mom hung in there with me and we both enjoyed the gorgeous weather. Jackson showed off his strength by lying on his belly and holding his head up steady and strong. I am so excited I get to be involved in his first year! Stay tuned for his six months coming up in November!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Haden's Senior Portraits

Haden's mom, Toni, is a great friend of mine so I must be careful how I address just how handsome this Senior is!

A couple of months ago Toni had contacted me regarding Haden's senior pictures and I was so stoked to hear she wanted me to photograph him. The always tall but younger boy I remember from just a year or so ago was not exactly who showed up for the photo shoot today. This senior has it going on! Busy with school, band, basketball, and a girlfriend (that's right ladies, I said girlfriend:) Haden stays extremely busy. I felt very fortunate that he allowed so much time for the session this morning, for I knew he had a busy work filled afternoon ahead of him. Thanks again for that Haden!

Meeting at Canonsburg we began pretty early trying to avoid (yet again) Tennessee's lovely heat. This location really made for some great shots and after exploring there I had Haden jump in the car with me and we hit some spots I have wanted to use for over a year now! Doesn't he have the best smile!?!

His mom was not exactly pleased to find out I had told Haden to quit his day job and become a model, but I have a feeling after viewing this sneak peek she might give it a second thought! :)