Thursday, July 1, 2010

Major -Nine Months-

I am the worst blogger ever! With this admission of guilt, I promise to update all the fun and awesome shoots I have been doing on my next entry. I have been very very busy and if you haven't heard.. I GOT ENGAGED!!! So, I must say that most of my computer "free" time has been slightly occupied with everything wedding!

I just rapped up an afternoon session with my precious cousin, Major. As always, he was all smiles and giggles. He truly is the happiest baby I have ever laid my eyes on. Here are some images from this afternoon with a couple of bonus images I threw in of my beautiful niece, Ramsey. Since it was a family entry, I thought I would share some of her from the other night.  It was her first dance recital and she did an excellent job performing! You can see how beautiful she is for yourself,  but I will go ahead and tell you that we are in BIG trouble when she gets older. I pray my brother makes it through the dating years. :)  Hope you all enjoy!