Monday, June 3, 2013

Claire & John Engagement Session - Murfreesboro Engagement & Wedding Photographer-

I met Claire and John in beautiful Bell Buckle for their engagement session, and we had an absolute blast! John is hysterically funny. He and Claire's chemistry and banter kept us laughing the whole time. As you will see Claire's beauty speaks volumes and those of you who know her, know she is as beautiful inside as she is out. These two are perfect for each other and I can't wait for the wedding in July! 

You will be seeing this couch again in July at the wedding. John is such a fan of it he insisted we use it again! Personally, I can't wait! (Truthfully he threatened to leave it in the field. Claire wasn't having that, so once it was loaded back in the truck he refused to secure it with straps in hopes of it falling out. Haha! )

We ended the session at the bridge where John proposed! 

Nancy & Daryl Engagement Session - Murfreesboro Engagement & Wedding Photographer-

I am looking forward to this sweet couple's wedding in a couple of weeks. Not only is it at the beach, but if it's half as fun and laid back as they are it's going to one awesome celebration!